Every School Committee must have a student voice.

Right now, I am priveleged to provide that in Newton along with Remi Torracinta, a rising Junior at Newton North; and two representatives from Newton South. Student Rep to the School Committee is an advisory position - I cannot vote. I do participate as an active member in each meeting and try to voice student opinions on the issues at hand.

The School Committee sets policy on schools and is made up of one member from each ward, the Superintendent, the Mayor, and four Student Representatives. The current chair is Marc Laredo, the current vice-chair is Claire Sokoloff. It meets every other Monday from 7:30 to about 10-10:30, depending on the agenda.

Each School Committee meeting is structured as follows.

1. Public Comment, Student Rep's Discussion: if you have something to say, come tell us! This is also where I can bring up a topic for the committee to hear and discuss. If you want me to bring something up, simply contact me.

2. Recognitions, etc.: short procedural matters - approval of notes from the last meeting, recognizing exceptional students and teachers, et cetera.

3. Reports: the Committee hears reports from various departments and responds with questions.

4. Discussions: the Committee discusses active items.

5. Votes: the Committee votes.

6. Grant approvals, communications: short procedural matters - approval of donations and grants, communications from various subcommittees

7. Public Comment